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Radio Broadcasts


Below are our radio broadcasts from my former radio show.  Listen to any or all of them.  If you wish to save the files to a listening device, right click on the link and save.  Scroll down to find the most current! 

Archives July - September 2010



SHOW # 18  11/6/2010


Henry Lane- president of TutoringMatch will assist in getting your children organized and to increase their self esteem. 

Candace Connors Vorhaus - certified Feng Shui consultant
What’s your five element clutter personality?

SHOW # 19  11/13/2010

Tammy Jersey will show you how to reorganize yourself for the work world after raising the children for the past few years. 


SHOW # 20  11/20/2010

The Learning Channels (TLC channel 27) “Hoarding Buried Alive” – Cindy Carroll ‘s episode aired January 2010.
Cindy will discuss how hoarding crippled her and how the help she has been receiving is a slow painful process, but working for her.


SHOW # 21  11/27/2010

Janetta Bohlander will show you how to organize your life for the process of adoption. 
Judy Soman will discuss how to organize a Tradition Tablecloth for your family for years to come. 


SHOW # 22  12/4/2010
Betsy Pollack of Our Town Crier (Premium Local Goods and Services, of Westport and Weston) will be speaking of events in Westport and Weston.  

Heidi Lyme of Heidi Lyme Interiors will talk of keeping your home organized over the holidays. 


SHOW # 23  12/11/2010

Mary Perkins-owner of the Dress Code Store in Westport will be discussing organizing your closet/jewelry and creating holiday outfits for girls.

Again, we're thrilled to have back Heidi Lyme of Heidi Lyme Interiors to discuss holiday decorating and organization. 


SHOW # 24  12/18/2010

Our big holiday show!  Tony Aitoro of Aitoro will be on as Santa.  He'll be giving away some holiday gifts to our listeners. 


SHOW # 25  12/25/2010

Happy Holidays!!!  On Christmas day we'll be rerunning our 11/6 show which was one of our most popular ones.  


SHOW # 26  1/1/2011

Happy New Year!  Tune in to see what happens!  We'll inspire you to fulfill new year's resolutions.


SHOW # 27  1/8/2011


A new year and a new co-host! Introducing Heidi Lyme of Heidi Lyme interiors
- organizing the kitchen
- decorating the kitchen


SHOW # 28  1/15/2011


This show is a triple header!

10:30 - 11:00 - Shelf Genie

11:00 - 11:30 - A NY stylist that makes outfits with what you already have

11:30 - noon  - Lisa Wexler -claims to be the most unorganized person in FF county....I am going to help her...live and on the air!


SHOW # 29  1/22/2011


Heidi decorates
Redi Cut Carpet talks flooring


SHOW # 30  1/29/2011

Carol Alexander from Prudential CT Westport will discuss how to organize your home to put it on the market and sell fast


SHOW # 31  2/5/2011

Carol Alexander from Prudential Westport
How to put your house on the market and get it sold


SHOW # 32  2/12/2011

A live broadcast at Honda of Westport
Valentines Day organizing tips for a happier couple and singles
A talk with Lionel Ketchian of the Happiness Club


SHOW # 33  2/19/2011

The safety mom Alison Rhodes who can baby proof anything will be on!
In addition, Heidi will further develop this subject by talking about nurseries and great decorating ideas.

Jim Klinko of Furniture On Consignment in Westport will join us.  He'll be talking about what is hot to sell these days!!


plus...special guest Mark from Dynamic Fitness is joining us to discuss the organization of making time to stay healthy and fit.


SHOW # 34  2/26/2011

A repeat of one of our most popular shows.....the 5 Feng Shui clutter personalities.


SHOW # 35  3/5/2011

With spring thaw around the corner, an important rerun as you hear about leaky basements....how to prevent and deal with them. 


SHOW # 36  3/12/2011

Jeff Sharpe of Monkey Bars will be on the air to talk about keeping your garage organized. 


SHOW # 37  3/19/2011       Program


SHOW # 36  3/26/2011

Old fashioned organizing tips for your home and your life!


SHOW # 36  4/2/2011        Program


SHOW # 37  4/9/2011        Program

SHOW # 38  4/16/2011      Program


SHOW # 39  4/23/2011      Program


SHOW # 40  4/30/2011      Program


SHOW # 41  5/7/2011      Program     
We discuss that scary word....procrastination! 


SHOW # 42  5/14/2011      Program     

Learn how to organize a successful yard/tag sale. You know it is spring because you see or sneeze at all the pollen in addition to the plethora of tag sale signs.


SHOW # 43  5/21/2011      Program     

Joe from Shelf Genie will be talking about how to develop an effective storage system for any room of your house. 


SHOW # 44  5/28/2011      Program     

Carrie Gilbertie discusses how to organize your garden with easy tips and ideas to make it lush and vibrant from now through September


SHOW # 45  6/4/2011       Program     

Junkluggers is our guest today! 


SHOW # 46  6/11/2011       Program     


SHOW # 47  6/18/2011       Program     


SHOW # 48  6/25/2011       Program     

Staycation is a great way to relax and save money right at home...learn how to organize a staycation!


SHOW # 49  7/2/2011       Program     


SHOW # 50  7/9/2011       Program     

Fern Tausig, CH discusses healing hypnosis.  This helps you stop smoking, accept yourself, and conquer your fears. 

SHOW #51  7/16/2011       Program     

SHOW #52  7/23/2011        Program    

SHOW #53  7/30/2011        Program     

SHOW #54   8/6/2011         Program     

SHOW #55  8/13/2011       Program     

SHOW #56  8/20/2011        Program    

SHOW #58  8/20/2011        Program    

SHOW #59  8/27/2011        Program    

SHOW #60  9/3/2011          Program    

SHOW #61  9/10/2011        Program
Broadcast from the Oyster Festival in Norwalk

SHOW #62  9/17/2011        Program
Holly Hurd of VentureMom discusses women starting their own businesses. 

SHOW #63  9/24/2011         Program

SHOW #64  10/01/2011        Program

SHOW #65  10/08/2011        Program

SHOW #66  10/15/2011        Program

SHOW #67  10/22/2011        Program

SHOW #68  10/29/2011        Program

SHOW #69  11/05/2011        Program




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