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Unclutter your mind

I am a certified yoga teacher from Kripalu, the largest center for yoga, health and transformational learning in North America. Transformation happens when you make time to rest, practice, and listen to the messages of your body, heart and mind.

Your external environment shows what your internal environment is like. In other words, if your home or workplace is cluttered and untidy, then you may possibly also be cluttered and confused in your mind. You could be feeling unwell and your life could be stuck in certain areas.

Clutter begins to build up when your life starts sticking and not going anywhere. But your life also starts sticking when you are surrounded by clutter. If you don’t begin to clear it, it doesn’t take long for clutter to get worse and the energy around it then begins to get even denser and more stuck.

How can yoga help to clear the clutter in your home and your everyday life? Have you ever dreamed of clearing a home office, garage, basement for more space? Yoga helps open spaces in your body with breath? It helps to fill your mind and cells with fresh oxygen to help calm the nervous system and relieve stress and tension in the body. How about space in your heart to forgive and space in your soul to grow peacefully? If you practice yoga regularly, you will notice more space opening up in your mind, heart, body and soul?

Clutter can create problems in your life. Clutter is everywhere, in our minds, our homes, in our arteries and connective tissue. Clutter creates stuck, stagnant, negative energy, which lingers in the atmosphere around you. If you absorb this energy it has a negative effect on your mind, body and emotions. It is troublesome because it affects your energy levels, decision-making and over all health. Your quality of life suffers because you are stuck. It is relative to the space in regards to your home. Clearing clutter in the mind, body, soul and home are parallel. Can you create space in your mind, body, soul and home?

Is the clutter in your home and body similar? I say yes….. a little something to ponder.


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